Addiction is a severe problem menacing the minds of people and making them feel they are disconnected from their environment and from people. Although there are spiritual solutions to recovery from addiction, but due to the fact they feel detached from the potency of a higher power, they tend not to rely on such spiritual recovery process.

A higher power is a force or something of influence that is regarded to be controlling the universe and have power that supersedes all humanity. Having a higher power can keep one on the right track and enable a form of life evaluation at different instances either personally or in relation to other individuals. In recovery from addiction, the main aim is to focus the thoughts and imaginations and find a connection and balance that is been craved for.

Addiction in a way robs an individual on a lot of things and actually takes the right to free will from the individual. To be salvaged from the shackles of addiction involves believing in the efficacy of a greater power. Observing nature and all its features which is attributed to the creative skills of a higher power can help an addict find the much needed faith and drive in a bid to recovery. It establishes in the addict’s mind in a form of awareness that he or she is part of something greater than themselves. Confidence and belief overrides depression that exists in the minds of addicts and they can find such confidence in a higher power.

A higher power sometimes may use events or occurrences that that enables the addict realize there is a supernatural being at work and the addict cannot comprehend or have control over such occurrences. As such immediately the addict can come to terms and acknowledge the existence of a higher power influence in his or her recovery process, faith and a belief in something invisible becomes possible. When there is a difficulty to regain a genuine internal connection by an addict, there is a need to focus on the events occurring in the external world to acknowledge the influence of a higher power.

Connection to a Higher Power sometimes may be difficult to trigger by an addict. Addiction prevents addicts from engaging in spirituality to an extent, but they don’t need to find resolution to this problem, all they need to do is to recognize the presence of a Higher power in their predicament.


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