Living in solitude most times comes with an amount of depression and dejection and also pressure on an individual. Trying to control the occurrence of things on the individual’s part may bring little achievement. Having a deeper knowledge that there is higher force or entity that supersedes all humanity, and has the power and control over everything releases the burden of having to take control. Surrendering to such a higher power will free one’s heart and mind.

Submission to a higher power will provide a sense of belonging and will make a person have a feeling of being attached and connected to something. In the process of submission, strength is made available and the power to avoid being lonely. Also, fear and anxiety issues are solved in the process of surrendering to a higher power. There might be questions and doubts in the minds of people under one form of depression or the other and solution and answers to such questions can be derived from submission. It gives direction and brings overwhelming peace to the mind.

To surrender to a higher power does not involve waiting and not taking any step but it actually involves making some particular decisions, that will result into a happy and fulfilling end. In the process of making such decisions, an individual does not struggle with the procedure rather embraces it and sticks to it if he or she truly wants to find the connection being sought for. It also involves keeping the mind open to whatever situation occurs.

To give oneself freely to a cause without ulterior motives is one of the best ways of surrendering to a higher power. When faced with situations that are quite difficult and almost getting to a point of feeling a sense of defeat, instead of finding an escape route probably through substance abuse, one needs to relax and channel the mind to something positive. Majority of the things needed to be submitted are the misconceptions and fallacies of the mind that makes living quite difficult. It is important to be aware that whatever one continually struggles with continues to persistent and as such there is a tendency to keep wallowing in that state of disorder.

Hence, there is a need to find something to rely on instead of trying to resist a challenge that put the mind and the body in bondage. Submission to a power or force can help in overcoming such a challenge.

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