A higher power is a being or person that wields a high level of control and authority. It is important to be able to rely on a higher power in cases that are beyond our comprehension. In the process of getting to know how to establish connection with a higher power, we go through various means and methods. Generally, it is at the stage of distress or tribulations, we tend to acknowledge the reality that a higher power exists who possesses the force and instruments to solve the difficult situations we find ourselves in.

There are steps that can be taken to find a form of connection with a higher power which involves taking time to meditate and to find a link with the spiritual realm. It involves a separation from all forms of distraction that can keep the mind engaged. Although, it is quite difficult to find rest of mind with so much turbulence experienced with the mind but the mind is expected to be free and balanced. Also, this in a way can help build a relationship and communication with a higher power.

In addition to this, to discover a higher power, it is important to be open minded. It is expected of people to allow themselves to be subject to the help of people who can help them. One must be able to cultivate the habit of hearing other people’s opinions and view on the predicament experienced and not keep to him or herself. First get the information or the advice and now make a decision whether it would solve the situation or not, but it is imperative to have a mind willing to receive.

Sometimes, through prayers and supplications we tend to know who our higher power is. Prayer involves a spiritual communication with a higher power or being. Although, there might not be a physical response from the higher power but the important thing is that a relationship and a connection is formed with a Supreme Being or force.

Furthermore, in engaging in other activities such as helping and providing service to others, we tend to lessen the burden of attending to our own problems and difficulties. We focus on the problems of others and our worries and anxieties leaves us. This in a way helps to create a form of feeling that we are in connection with a higher power and we feel better for the good deed done.

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