To surrender, is to place hope and faith on a person or an entity. It is a state of maximum dependence and submission of control to a higher authority or force than oneself. God is a supreme and higher being who has power and authority over nature and to surrender to him totally means depending on him to take control of the affairs of life of the individual seeking help.

A lot of times, people are be faced with one challenge or the other which is beyond their control and power and as such they seek various means to find solutions to their problem. In the process of looking for solutions, they engage themselves in negative acts and such acts have negative consequences. For instance, people suffering from addictions have in a way become lost, because they are living under the wrong influence that whatever they addicted with is the solution to their moment of pain and stress. Unless there is an understanding on the part of people who are in such situations to stop struggling and to depend totally on God, there would be no improvement with their predicament. They need to start yielding to the authority of God who has the power to help them.

Also, in the case of an intense craving to have control over a daunting challenge, there is a need to confess and acknowledge the need for such and this can be achieved by praying to God. In admitting the need to have control over basic issues of life, one can find solace and rest in the efficacy of the power of God. In some cases, fear and anxiety may set in but all needed to be done is to be calm and entrust all hope on God who can influence and control the trials and tribulations faced.

Trusting in God is something that must be done with all sincerity and truth in order to experience total and complete satisfaction and rest. It is a life-long process and not something that occurs for a short period of time even after being helped from the difficult situation.

It is also important to know that it is a choice and not something of compulsion to rely on God. It should emanate out of a free will and intention and not been compelled or forced to place all hope on him. To fully grasp the extent of God’s power and might, it should be done from a personal decision and desire.

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