The Call of Higher Power and Addiction

Addiction can be one of the most powerful forces controlling a person’s life. It can touch every area of an individual’s existence ranging from physical health to financial stability. It can even disrupt relationships, leading to hurt, confusion, and despair for those who suffer from it. In order to fully break free from the clutches of addiction, it is helpful to surrender to a Higher Power.

The concept of a Higher Power is not new. In fact, humans have been connecting with Higher Powers for centuries, finding solace, guidance and strength in divine masculine or feminine archetypes like the God and Goddess. This Higher Power could be seen as the creative force behind all of life and the sole source of strength and renewal. On a more practical level, connecting with a Higher Power gives an individual the ability to recognize the source of his or her strength and to be willing to surrender to it.

Surrendering to a Higher Power is an act of humility and a recognition that one is not able to go it alone. It is an act of faith in something greater and bigger than oneself. It is a surrender to the truth that we are not in control of our lives, situations, and even addictions. Surrendering to a Higher Power is an act of grace, offering us the opportunity to receive guidance, strength, and support from a higher source.

This process of surrendering to a Higher Power can take on many forms. For some, the Higher Power is a divine figure or force. For others, it is the belief that the person is connected to a community of people who will support and understand them as they journey along the path of recovery.

For those struggling with addiction, surrendering to a Higher Power is often the first and most important step in taking back their lives. This is because it provides a foundation of belief that there is something larger than themselves to turn to for strength and support. Connecting to a Higher Power can give someone struggling with addiction a new perspective on their situation. They are no longer isolated and powerless; instead, through their connection to a Higher Power, they gain support, courage, and reassurance.

In the pursuit of true recovery, it is essential to surrender to a Higher Power and be willing to ask for guidance and strength. This process can be uncomfortable and even terrifying but it is an essential step towards freedom. It is similar to the 12-Steps programs in recovery, where an individual comes to trust and rely upon the power of a Higher Power. By building a connection with this Higher Power, individuals have access to an infinite source of strength, hope, and positivity that is beyond the individual’s own power.

Many people who ultimately recover from addiction have found that they must first surrender to a Higher Power in order to succeed. It takes courage and faith to surrender and admit that you are powerless in the face of addiction. Those who make this surrender and connect to a Higher Power then find that they are infused with a higher source of strength and courage to journey into recovery. At that point, they must be willing to accept the help of their Higher Power in order to find peace and healing.

Recovery from addiction is often a long and difficult process, but it is possible with the support of a Higher Power. A Higher Power offers unconditional support, love, and strength to help one through the process and come out the other side. Through connecting to a Higher Power, an individual has access to infinite strength, understanding, courage, and hope. Surrendering to a Higher Power is a vulnerable and humble act, but the rewards it can bring are immense and can be life-changing for those who embark upon this journey.

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